Key goals of the Rotor Rush Academy:

Inspiring Students

Bringing fun and excitement to engaging STEM education

  • SCIENCE: Aerodynamics ...
  • TECHNOLOGY: Programming, 3D Design ...
  • ENGINEERING: 3D Printing, Building ...
  • MATHEMATICS: Power to weight, Drag curves ...

Plus sports engagement and team building !

Flying Micro Drones

Micro drone are designed to be flown indoors and bring a fun-factor to your classroom. These tiny palm sized drones use the same technology as larger drones and have the same functionality with the added bonus of being low cost and very safe to fly.

Due to their light weight and size micro drones do not usually require a licence or registration making them perfect for education. (note that legislation may vary according to country and region, please check for your location).

3D Printing

Micro drone parts especially the main chassis can be 3D printed from hundreds of available designs or your students can design them themselves promoting creative thinking and experimentation.

Academy Registration

Available to schools, colleges and universities, providing access to drone related resources.

Academy membership is free and includes:

  • Access to teacher resources
  • 4 x Simulation station software licences
  • Entry to Academy Esports Leagues

For academy registration please email:

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